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Sunday, October 4, 2015

New PhotoFlow version 0.2.2 released

The next PhotoFlow version 0.2.2 is out!
The source code, as well as OSX and Windows installers, are available from the github repository.
For Ubuntu users, an updated package will most likely be available in the next few days.

This new version includes few major improvements:

RGB histogram visualization
An RGB histogram has appeared above the layer list, on the top-left part of the application window. The histogram shows the RGB values of either the merged output or the sticky layer, depending which one is activated in the GUI.

Interactive editing of gradients shape
It is now possible to modify the shape of an horizontal or vertical gradient by means of control points that are added and modified directly in the preview area. This new feature is accessible when the editing mode of the gradient tool is activated, as shown in the screenshot below.

This feature is for example particularly handful to create transitions between two or more bracketed exposures:

Image exposed for the foreground.

Two exposures, one for the foreground and one for the sky, blended though a gradient modified via control points.

A shortcut has also been added for toggling the preview image between 100% zoom and zoom-to-fit. The toggling is associated to a mouse Ctrl-double-click in the preview area.

Finally, the image orientation EXIF field is now interpreted correctly for all input image formats, and exported images are saved with the same orientation as in the preview. The code has been validated with the test images provided here.

The complete changelog for version 0.2.2 can be found here.


  1. I like the new ideas you put in PhotoFlow. Sadly, it does not support my Camera, the Nikon D7000. Do you plan to add support for this Camera?

    1. As far as I can see, the D7000 is supported by the current photoflow version.
      However, in order to see the processed RAW image you need to add a "RAW developer" layer above the "RAW loader" one. This additional step will not be needed anymore in 0.2.3 (to be released very soon).

      You might be also interested in this post, if you want to reproduce the colors given by the camera jpegs:

    2. Oh thank you! Did'nt know that. I will try this asap!

  2. Thank you for this blog. That's all i can say..useful information shared...


  3. I've recently (an hour ago!) discovered your project and installed the program on my MBPr. It does indeed provide a well-needed post-processing option which incorporates the best of GIMP and darktable. Thank you so much for your efforts. I'm not a coder but, I would be happy to support further development as best as I can.
    On a related note: Would it be possible to add an option for RSS feeds to your blog? This would make it much easier for everybody to stay updated.

  4. There are lots of ways you can contribute to the project without writing a single line of code. Any sort of bug report, usability enhancement suggestion or feature request is really appreciated, and will allows to make the program better and better with each release. The preferred place for such exchanges is the GitHub issues tracker (, but comments to posts or messages in the G+ community ( are OK as well.
    Last but not least, I have just added back the "donate" button in the blog (it was hidden for some reason in the dynamic template I was using)... if you feel you would like to pay me a coffee or beer, I'll not refuse it!

    You might also find interesting informations in the discussion forum (, where photoflow is just a small part of a much wider discussion around photography and OpenSource software. There are also some really interesting articles in the main site, including one that explains how to do exposure blending with photoflow (

    I'll see how to add RSS feeds to the blog, it should not be too difficult...

    Thanks for checking and for your interest!

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