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Thursday, July 31, 2014


The goal of the PhotoFlow is to provide an open-source, full featured, layer-based, non-destructive photo editor that can work directly on RAW image files.
You can think of PhotoFlow as a sort of "hybrid" between the layer-based editing style of GIMP and the non-destructive style of tools like RawTherapee, Darktable or Photivo.

PhotoFlow is entirely focused on digital photo editing. Therefore, I do not plan to implement any sophisticated hand-painting tool like you can find in GIMP.
The development is entirely focused on RAW image processing and on the implementation of the most common tools found in photo editing softwares: curves, denoising, sharpening, local contrast enhancement, colorspace conversion, rotation, resizing, and so on.

The code is entirely open sourced and licensend under GPL3. You can get the development version from GitHub here. The project's web page is also hosted on GitHub here and provides an up-to-date Windows installer.

If you are interested by the project, and you have good skills, good will and/or good ideas, you can contribute to its development in an infinite number of ways: code devlopment, testing, features requests, usability suggestions...

This blog will regularly provide news about the code development as well as usage examples and step-by-step tutorials. Until I find the time to write the first technical post, you can check out the GitHub project's page for some initial example.

There is a lot more to come, so... STAY TUNED!