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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New PhotoFlow version 0.1.6 released

I'm pleased to announce that a new version of PhotoFlow has just been released on GitHub. This version brings a few nice new features and includes several improvements suggested here and there...

Here are the main improvements:

  • EXIF data is now copied from input images to the exported TIFF and Jpeg files. The EXIF data is handled through the GEXIV2 library (the same used by GIMP), therefore GExiv2 is needed from now on to compile PhotoFlow.
  • The preview image is now processed by multiple threads (one for each available CPU core), I expect some significant improvement on multi-core machines
  • A new "HSL mask" tool has been added: it allows to create a layer mask based on Hue, Saturation and Luminance curves
  • The icons associated to the layer masks now reflect the actual mask status (empty, enabled, disabled)
  • The G'MIC code has been patched to avoid crashes under OSX. Now most of the G'MIC filters work in a stable way on OSX as well

The OSX installer is available from here, while Ubuntu packages should soon be available from Dariusz Duma PPA. A windows installer will also follow in a short time and will be available from the same link os the OSX one.

For the next version, I plan to focus on finalizing the new controls interface, that will be hopefully more user-friendly than the present dialog-based one (see here for a preview)...

Any feedback will be highly appreciated!

Here is the full changelog:

  • Improved selection of curve points
  • The curve points for the generation of the mask for the the B/C/S/H (Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue) tool can now be added by ctrl-clicking on the preview area.
  • Added feathering of B/C/S/H mask
  • Added H/S/L mask tool. The generated grayscale image is equivalent to the mask of the B/C/S/H tool, however the advantage is that it can be used as a generic layer mask to be associated to other tools (like curves, blurs, etc...)
  • Improved gaussian blur filter:
    • added memory caching at the filter input (improves performance significantly)
    • blur method is now the same for preview and rendering, and can be choosen from configuration dialog
    • blur method is fixed to "accurate" for radii below 5 pixels
    • blur method defaults to "fast" (sii) for radii larger than 5 pixels
  • Modified sinkscreen_pf.c to allow for parallel processing of dirty tiles (one thread for each available CPU core). This improves the responsiveness of the preview area on multi-core machines.
  • Input EXIF/XMP/IPTC metadata are now saved to the exported TIFF and JPG images, using GExiv2. Starting from this version, GExiv2 is therefore needed to compile PhotoFlow
  • Added default layer names for several tools (instead of the generic "New Layer")
  • Icons for the layer masks now represent the actual status of the mask:
    • white if mask is empty
    • a gradient if the mask contains one or more layers
    • a crossed gradient if the mask is not empty, but disabled
  • Updated French transaltions

G'MIC-related changes:

  • Added optional in-memory tile caching for G'MIC operations (one cache for each iteration)
  • Improved G'MIC bilateral smoothing (or "surface blur" filter):
    • added padding parameter based on spatial variance (scaled to actual zoom level)
    • "value variance" is now independent of zoom level (was incorrectly scaled together with the spatial variance)
    • enabled tile caching
  • Fixed multi-threaded processing of G'MIC filters under OSX (by protecting all sscanf calls with a global mutex)
  • The film processing presets have been moved from the "G'MIC" to the "color" category

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