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Monday, June 29, 2015

Version 0.1.5 released

Yet another PhotoFlow version is out!

The new 0.1.5 release brings two brand new tools:

- the Volume tool, which allows to apply some local contrast enhancement and modulate the strength of the effect separately in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. This is a realization of the idea discussed by +Patrick David on his blog:

- the Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue Adjustment tool, which includes three curves that allow to modulate the effects according to the hue, the saturation and/or the lightness of the input pixels. By default the curves are disabled and all adjustments are applied globally. This tool allows to do things like "boost the saturation and the contrast of dull green colors in the mid-tones". The screenshot gives an example of an hue adjustment that selectively turns the red colors into green, using the  curve shown in the image.

The image used in the screenshot above is by +andrew mcmillan:

Here is the complete changelog:

- Added new "Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue Adjustment" tool, which replaces the previous "Hue/Saturation Adjustment"
- Added "Volume" tool (similar to "Clarity", i.e. local contrast targeting the mid-tones), inspired by
- LibRAW is now compiled as a separate library (like in darktable)
- Updated G'MIC code to version

Updated Windows and OSX installers are available from the usual downloads page.

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