Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to run the PhotoFlow GIMP plug-in under Linux using the AppImage packages

Yesterday I have briefly described the new PhotoFlow GIMP plug-in. In this follow-up, I will show how to run GIMP and the PhF plug-in under Linux using the AppImage packages.

The latest GIMP and PhotoFlow AppImages can be downloaded respectively from here and here (you need to grab the most recent version). In the following I will assume that the AppImages have been downloaded into the $HOME/Applications folder, but any other folder on your filesystem is equally good...

In order to start the GIMP AppImage and let it find and use PhotoFlow for opening the RAW files and/or run as a filter on the existing layer data, open a terminal and type the following:

    export PHOTOFLOW_PATH=$HOME/Applications/photoflow.AppImage

Of course you need to replace the paths of the photoflow and gimp AppImages with their actual paths and full names on your system...

The first line with the environment variable assignment is used to tell GIMP where to look for the PhotoFlow executable. The second line starts GIMP from the AppImage. You can also pass a file name as parameter to the GIMP AppImage, just like with the standard GIMP. The PhF plug-in also allows to directly open .PFI files with GIMP, in case you need to do so...


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