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Monday, March 21, 2016

PhotoFlow version 0.2.6 released

A new PhotoFlow version 0.2.6 is out!

This new version comes with lots of new or improved features and an updated GUI, including a better layout of the filters controls and an handy lateral toolbox that provides shortcuts for some of the most commonly used filters:

The image in the preview area is courtesy of Andrea Katifes

Version 0.2.6 brings also a number of new features and improvements:

  • the program can now run as a GIMP plug-in
  • the RAW processing module has been significantly improved:
    • the white balance can now be adjusted via temperature/tint values
    • automatic and manual chromatic aberrations corrections have been added
    • the "blend" highlights reconstruction mode (equivalent to DCRW's "-H 2" option) has been implemented
    • RAW black/white points are now adjustable
  • added horizontal/vertical image flipping to the scale/rotate module
  • it is now possible to define a custom monitor profile via the settings dialog
  • the preview image can be panned with Ctrl-left-click-n-drag
  • the code is now fully GTK3-compliant and can be compiled with either GTKMM2 or GTKMM3. The initial GTK3 theme is based on TooWaBoo's RawTherapeeBlue.css theme
  • several icons have been improved by adapting some of the LibreICONS to the dark PhotoFlow theme

As usual, the complete changelog for version 0.2.6 can be found on the github release page.

The source code, as well as OSX and Windows installers, will be shortly available from the github repository.

For Ubuntu users, the updated packages are available from the Highly Explosive PPA.

Arch Linux PKGBUILD recipes are available from AUR.

Fedora Linux packages are available from COPR.

EDIT: Partha's Place provides some GIMP installers for Windows and OSX that include the PhotoFlow plug-in by default. In order to get it, you have to choose either the 2.9.3 64-bit Experimental or the 2.9.3 64-bit Color Patched Experimental versions.

If you are not afraid to use a potentially more unstable version, you can select the photoflow-git versions either from the PPAs or from AUR. This development versions include all the new features and bug fixes that are being prepared for the next stable release.
The Highly Explosive PPA also provides an experimental GTK3 version via the photoflow-gtk3-git package.


  1. I think it's time to play with it. Specially the plugin use within Gimp makes it powerfull. Great job here well done

    1. Thanks! Have you tried the plug-in already? That's the newest and more experimental part...

  2. how do i run it as a GIMP plugin on win?

    1. The plug-in is available from the windows version provided by Partha on his website (
      In order to get it, you have to choose either the 2.9.3 64-bit Experimental or the 2.9.3 64-bit Color Patched Experimental versions.

      I have updated the post to include those instructions. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Many thanks for the quick response and sharing this awesome program!

  4. Oh, this project got me really excited! Would love to try it, but it seemingly crashes on mac, not sure why :(

    1. Do I understand correctly that your OSX version is 10.6.x?

      The current version is only compatible with 10.8 and later... I need to experiment to see if I can safely include earlier versions, but I'm afraid this is the reason for the crash you are experiencing. Sorry for not making this clear in the installation instructions, I'll add this information to avoid other bad surprises.

      Would you like to get an experimental 10.6-compatible version for testing?

  5. I am trying out Partha's build with GIMP 2.9.3 and so far, I like what I see! It is a bit shaky at the moment and crashes pfgimp.exe quite often - but this is hardly unexpected with an experimental build on top of a development version of GIMP.

    Slight problem is that is doesn't support RAW files from my very new Canon 80D. Works fine with older RAW files from my previous 60D. I see that DCRaw now supports the 80D so, if this is the RAW conversion library you use, hopefully this will be fixed in a future build.

    Two comments/questions:

    1. It picks up the theme used by GIMP (which is excellent) and is fine with the default GIMP dark theme. However, I prefer a light theme and it is more or less unusable with light themes! The icons down the left-hand side for the various functions are white on light grey whilst the labels for the controls in the adjustment panel become black on dark grey.

    2. The tutorial video for version 0.2.5 demonstrates a sharpening tool. However, in 0.2.6 with the UI changes, I can't find this tool. Is it still ther? How do I get to it?

    1. Partha is working on preparing new packages, with an updated version of the photoflow plug-in. It should support your 80D camera, but I'll check to be 100% sure.

      You can have a look at this video to get an idea of what the new plug-in version is capable of doing:

      Concerning your questions:
      1. providing support for a light theme is in my todo list, but not there yet... I shall see if I can decouple the plug-in theme from the GIMP one, but I'm not sure it is technically possible

      2. are you talking about the "RL deconvolution" sharpening? This is a G'MIC-based filter, and there are still some issues with the integration between G'MIC and PhotoFlow in the plug-in case, which will hopefully be completely solved before Partha is ready with the new packages. Or are you talking about something else?

  6. Running the latest 64-bit GIMP 2.9.5-cc from Partha's blog which, I believe, has PhotoFlow 0.2.6 built-in. However, my Canon 5D Mark II raw files don't open correctly in PhotoFlow. I just get a heavy overall magenta color as if this camera is not supported. Being that the 5D II is "old" now, I'm surprised it doesn't work. Any ideas?

    1. I confirm the problem, however I do not understand it yet.

      The camera is in principle supported, otherwise no image would be shown. I suspect a wrong interpretation of the bayer pattern being the issue, but why this happens is still a mystery.

      Which OS are you using?

    2. The issue with Canon 5D II RAW files is fixed in the github repository, and the fix will be included in the soon-to-come 0.2.7 release.

      Thanks for reporting this!

  7. i am new to raw editing.i used Photoflow in Partha's portable gimp build,it is very comfortable to use.can photflow files copied to seperate folder and used as portable app(under windows8.1)?and thankyou for making Photoflow!