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Monday, January 5, 2015

Photoflow update: crop tool, foreground extraction and layer shifting

Interactive crop tool

PhotoFlow has finally some decent crop tool. It is now possible to define the crop area interactively with the mouse, or directly by the numbers. The cropped area can be resized by dragging the right or bottom edges, or the bottom-right corner. It can also be moved by dragging anywhere inside the area itself.

An example of the crop tool in action is shown below.

Foreground extraction tool (G'MIC)

The foreground extraction tool now works as a "mask generator": the output of the tool is a black & white image that represents the foreground mask, and that can be used as a layer mask for better flexibility.
The foreground points (green ones) are added with the left mouse click, while the background points (red ones) are added with the right click. To remove some point, one has to click on it with the middle mouse button.

I'm preparing a detailed step-by-step tutorial on the subject, to show how the foreground mask can be used and further edited.

Below one can see the tool in action (top screenshot is the original image with the control points, bottom screenshot is the generated mask).

Blending images of different size and layer shifting

It is now possible to blend images with different sizes, as well as shift one image with respect to another one. Two additional controls have appeared in the layer configuration dialogs, allowing to define the horizontal and vertical layer shifts. Any opacity mask associated with the shifted layer also gets shifted automatically.

Below one can see the rose blended on top of another image, using the foreground extraction mask in the blending process.

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