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Monday, December 1, 2014

News: G'MIC Dream Smoothing filter added to PhotoFlow

It seems that the Dream Smoothing filter is one of the preferred and most used filters of the G'MIC library. Given its popularity, it thought it would be a pity not to have it available in PhotoFlow... so here it is! The implementation is still preliminary, but it works!

The dream smoothing tool was also a good opportunity to test a new kind of filter implementation in photoflow. i.e. non-realtime filters. As you can see from the screenshot above, the configuration dialog for the dream smoothing has an additional "Update" button above the various sliders. This is because this filter is not really compatible with real time, tiled processing, as it is quite slow and also would require a large tile padding. Instead, you have to manually start the processing by hitting on the "Update" button. The same needs to be done whenever you change some of the parameters. For the same reason, if you save a photoflow image containing one or more dream smoothing layers, those layers will be by hidden by default whenever you will open the image again. The smoothed image will only be computed when you'll toggle the layer visibility the first time.

When it is run, the filter reads and writes 32-bits floating point TIFF images, therefore it is perfectly inserted in the floating point processing pipeline of PhotoFlow, without any loss of precision.
If you put additional adjustment layers on top of the dream smoothing, they will be immediately refreshed whenever the computation of the new smoothed image is finished.

By the way, this filter is really amazing... good job, G'MIC developers!

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