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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Patrick David film presets included in PhotoFlow

Now that the G'MIC interface has been integrated into PhotoFlow, adding specific G'MIC filters is quite easy, sometimes even straightforward...

After having added several smooth filters for noise reduction, I decided to give Patrick David's film emulation presets a try... and the results are really nice!

The different presets are now integrated into PhotoFlow as any other non-destructive filter, meaning that you can change presets or tweak parameters and see the result on-the-fly. There are some performance and gui improvements still possible, but the overall usability is I think already quite ok.

In order to use the film presets, you need first of all to download and install the color lookup tables: first you have to get the zip file from here, and then you have to unpack it into the right directory on you disk, which is


in the Linux case and


for Windows.

Once the presets are installed and you have downloaded and compiled a fresh version of photoflow, you can apply them as any other tool:

  1. click on the "+" button to add a new layer
  2. activate the "G'MIC" tab and scroll down to the film presets category you want to use
  3. click "OK" to add the layer and open the corresponding configuration dialog
The steps are summarized in this screenshot:

Once the layer configuration dialog is opened, you will be able to switch between presets and change parameters like opacity, contrast, hue, etc... Your changes will be immediately shown in the preview window (see below).

The controls in the configuration dialog are still a bit ugly and would require some clen-up and rearrangement, but the basic functionality is there.

For the moment the film presets are only available from the git develop branch compiled from source. An updated windows executable is in preparation...


  1. Sorry the link is ok now.

  2. Hi Carmelo,
    You say :
    for Windows."

    but where precisely please, because Photoflow is here:

    1. Hi! As I wrote at the end of the blog post, the windows version is not yet up-to-date (the one from 29th of October does not supporty film emulations). Actually, I need to get it running and to figure out where to install the CLUT files, after which I'll post an update with more detailed instructions for windows.

      I'll probably need one or two more days to get the windows version up and running. However, all other functionalities are already provided in the version you are running...